Emergency Eye Care

If you are experiencing the following symptoms, or other symptoms that you feel need immediate medical attention, call our office right away at +41 32 323 88 44 and we will see you as soon as possible.

Symptoms that require emergency service include, but are not limited to:

Flashes of light or floating spots that are new or increased
A curtain or shadow in your vision
Cloudy, foggy, or reduced vision
Sudden loss of all or part of your vision
Redness, burning, eye pain, stinging
Chemical contact with eye or face
Acute eye injury such as those caused by fingernail, mascara brush, paper cut, etc.
Foreign body in the eye
Light sensitivity
Moderate to severe itching of the eyes
Any trauma in your eye
Double vision
Bloodshot eye or a small pool of blood in the corner of your eye
Bleeding, severe head trauma
Pupils of unequal size
Mucus discharge, crustiness

Post-operative patients with infectious discharge, increased redness, pain in the eye or around the eye, or decreased vision in one or both eyes

If you have had a chemical exposure to the eye, immediately flush with saline or water for 15-30 minutes and see a doctor right away.

If you get something in your eye, do not rub or attempt to remove it; immediately see a doctor.

If you have an emergency after our office hours or on the weekend, call Spitalzentrum Biel (Biel-Bienne Central Hospital) at +41 32 324 24 24